You Get What You Pay For

air duct cleaningMany people ask me the difference between the $99.00 air duct cleaners and the companies that charge upwards of $500.00-600.00 or more. The more you know, the more you can protect yourself. There are generally two problems that can arise from the cheaper option.

A client in Rochester had told me of her experience with a discount duct cleaning company with a coupon discount. They set up the appointment and took her deposit. When they got out to her property, the price went up significantly. There were add on charges for everything from the number of vents to accessibility of the vents and vent covers. When they were done, the cost of the job was $535.00. Unfortunately for her, they did all of the work before disclosing the additional charges.

One client I spoke with in Syracuse had a completely different experience. He said two guys showed up to his house. They brought a shop vacuum with them. After a few hours of messing with the vents, they cleaned everything, approximately 5 feet down each vent. Most of the vents were still dirty. He told me if he knew that was what he was paying for; he would have used his own shop vacuum.

Proper duct cleaning should take awhile and guarantee it will get to all of the areas of your duct work. At EnviroTech, we use a system that utilizes a giant vacuum with whips. The vacuum gets attached to a hole cut in your duct work then your vents get blocked. One by one, we take the covers off your vents and run the whip down the duct work. The whip not only knocks all of the debris off the vent but also pushes it toward the vacuum. This ensures that all of the vents have been cleaned.

Cleaning your ducts the proper way is difficult without the proper equipment. Without the right equipment, you would be better off saving your money because you will still be breathing the same dirt when the company leaves. Even with the proper equipment, it takes awhile to do things right. Cheaper generally does not mean better. Just remember, you get what you pay for.