When Mold Takes Hold

Mold RemediationMany people assume that once mold is removed from a surface it no longer poses an issue for those living in the home, but this is not the case.  When mold is growing on a surface inside the home it sends thousands if not tens of thousands of microscopic spores into the air.  These spores can in turn land in other moist areas of the home and start growing there too.  Spores can also make their way through the forced air duct system, spreading themselves through every room of the home.  While removing the original growth is the first step, there are other necessary steps involved to ensure clean air in the home after the mold remediation has been done. Air purifiers, air duct cleaning, and disinfecting services all work to ensure a safe air quality for those that have to live in the home once the mold is removed.

Air Purifiers:  Since mold is in the air all the time (we need it to break down decaying materials), we are always breathing in mold spores as we go about our days.  A greater concern for breathing in these spores arises when the spores get trapped inside a structure and the volume of the spores per cubic meter continues to climb.  Now, instead of breathing in the minimal amount of spores found naturally in the air, you are breathing in a much more concentrated dose of spores every time you inhale.  This increase in spore inhalation can give you allergies to specific types of mold, cause respiratory issues in adults, and has even been documented as the second leading cause of asthma in children.  Air purifiers work to extract these spores directly from the air before we have a chance to breathe them in.  All air purifiers are not the same though.  Making sure that your purifier can cover the total square footage necessary is important to make sure that it is doing more than just shifting your air around like a fan and actually lowering the volume of spores within the home.

Air Scrubbing/Disinfecting:  After the original mold growth sends off spores into the air, the spores land on various surfaces around the home and sit there in waiting until disturbed.  Even though a reputable remediation company will remove growth under containment, the spores sent off before that company even knew you had an issue can pose a threat to you even after the growth is removed.  To clean those surfaces, a remediation company can set up a number of negative air filterers that filter your air through four paper HEPA filters before ducting it out of the home.  The workers will also wipe down the surfaces of the walls, ceilings, and other items that were contaminated in the home with a high quality disinfectant used in hospitals to clean surgical rooms.  This is an especially beneficial service when there are personal belongings in the room of the original growth.  Moving those belongings without disinfecting them can cause cross contamination and re-instate mold growth, but cleaning them first can keep this from happening.

Air Duct Cleaning:  After a mold remediation and disinfecting wipe down of surfaces, an air duct cleaning is the final service to clear a home of mold.  Since a forced air system takes air out of a basement, heats it, then sends it to the rest of the home, a mold issue in one of these areas will most definitely call for an air duct cleaning after the process is done.  Even if the original mold issue was somewhere else in the home, mold spores can still get trapped in the ducts and prolong an issue with air quality.  Sending a rotating brush through the ducts to knock off spores and then sending a safe disinfectant through the system to eliminate mold growth is the final step in ensuring clean air in a home.  Even without any mold growth issue, air ducts always take on dust and other particles and should be cleaned at least every 3 years.

At EnviroTech, we know that there is more involved with the process of mold remediation than just getting rid of the original source.  If you or someone you know has been dealing with bad air quality in a home, call us today at 1-800-GET-ENVIRO for more information on these services and mold remediation.