The Environmental Debate – When is too much Regulation, Not Enough?

The Environmental Debate Poughkeepsie NY

Republicans and Democrats fought last Wednesday in the first presidential debate of many this election season, but the opinions of our environment were breezed over like no one cared. Often during a presidential debate as well as in the headlines there is hog wash of caring about the environment and most of the focus is on the energy crises of drilling, oil reserves, and the ozone. Often left in the background is the policies and regulations that are imposed or deregulated during a president’s tenure. EnviroTech focuses on environmental factors (Mold, Asbestos, Lead, Radon, Soil, Air, and Water), so naturally we look on how the tenure of a presidential candidate will affect our industry and the regulations it provides.

At EnviroTech we don’t have a party preference; we have a “customer preference” in what is right to protect our customers, their families, and their health. Toxic black mold, mesothelioma,  lead poisoning, and cancer causing radon are all just as serious as fracking, drilling for oil, or ozone depletion – wouldn’t you agree?

Toxic Black Mold Poughkeepsie NY

We encourage regulation of corrective measures and protection for our employees and our customers. We encourage procedural remediation, abatement and mitigation standards that promote professional, safe guides to a proper environmental service. So the question is when is too much regulation, not enough? At EnviroTech we say regulation is good for our industry, it keeps everyone on a level playing field. Regulation keeps untrained, uncertified companies, from treating your family’s mold, asbestos, lead, and radon problems. Don’t trust just anyone who says they are certified…….trust the leaders at EnviroTech……… Naturally the Best!