The Basement Buzz

bee pest controlAs Mr. Tauterouff of Albany, NY was about to relax in his soon to be finished basement, he noticed a buzzing sound that grew louder and louder as the days went on. He soon decided to look into where in his basement this buzzing noise was coming from. At this point he just had a feeling that it was just the hot water heater making a sound because it was old. As he started to look around he found that the noise was coming from above his newly finished bathroom, but did not think anything of it until he started seeing yellow jacket bees flying around. At this point he decided to call a professional exterminator to help take care of his situation in the basement. Once the exterminator arrived he immediately showed him the entry points of where the bees had been entering his home. Now he knows that if he sees many bees flying towards the same area, that it is most likely an active nest.

Once they came into the basement the exterminator had found the nest and took a picture of it for Mr. Tauterouff to see. What he had found was a beach ball size nest that is still active. He simply could not grasp the concept that this was in his home. The exterminator then started to get to work to take care of the bees. He decided to spray the nest to kill the bees. Right after you could hear the nest humming as the bees were not very happy. After about 1 hour the humming in the wall had stopped, but Mr. Tauterouff noticed swarming of bees on the exterior of the home near the entry point, he immediately called the exterminator back.  The exterminator had to explain to Mr. Tauterouff that that was a good sign because the bees don’t want to enter the opening because of the products hitting the nest.  The pest exterminator told him to give it five days and the bees would give up or try to enter and it will only end in death. After receiving this information Mr. Tauterouff was relieved that he had called a professional to get the job done!