Spiderman Can’t Fight Spiders, Man

Pest Control ClevelandThroughout the colder months of the year the homes of families in Cleveland and other metropolises throughout the United States become targets for a number of insects and pests looking for a place to nest and reproduce before summer.  While some pests and insects see your home as a place of sanctuary and safety, others see it as the post opportune place to find a meal.  One of these pests in particular that sees your home as a buffet throughout the entire year: spiders.

 Many different factors will draw spiders into your home, enough to keep them inside all year long.  Cracks and openings in your home’s exterior allow them to enter without your knowledge.  Trying to seal all of these cracks and openings would certainly prove futile, so their invasion will have to be treated by a pest exterminator after a definitive pest inspection.  Although it would be too difficult to seal these openings, pest exterminators are able to treat the openings and areas they know are particularly attractive to spiders, making sure that they have to cross your home’s pest defense barriers when coming inside.  By performing a pest inspection, the pest control company’s professional pest exterminator can identify the specific areas of your home that need pest control materials placed and design a comprehensive pest control plan that fits the individual structure and needs of your house and property.

Cleveland, OHWhile spiders can nest in various areas around your home, there are specific areas that they will be automatically be attracted to: shifting gaps in floating slabs, crawl spaces, garages, damp sections of basements, and areas that do not get cleaned or disturbed over time.  Houses and cottages on lakes will almost always have issues with spiders because of these reasons.  Homes situated on lakes or other large bodies of water in (i.e.-Cleveland with Lake Erie, Syracuse with Oneida Lake and the Finger Lakes, Albany with the Hudson River) will continuously have issues with pest control and spiders.  The high moisture content will attract a slew of insects and other pests, perfect for spiders looking to catch food in their webs.  If your home or cottage is situated on a lake or body of water, do not fret because there are measures that can be taken to control the amount of spiders taking up residence in your home.  Continuous cleaning and de-cluttering of areas (especially those areas with higher moisture contents like crawlspaces and basements) will help eliminate hot spots for spider nesting in your home and keep them from being able to reproduce.  Also, each spider egg sack vacuumed up can potentially keep hundreds of spiders from being born inside your home.  Once the general maintenance of the home has been implemented, call your pest control specialist at EnviroTech for your free pest inspection with a licensed pest exterminator.

Although spiders can assist in keeping our homes free from pest control issues with other insects, they do in themselves pose a creepy and unnerving feeling in home owners and their guests.  With the proper combination of pest control applications and pest inspections, your pest control company can keep not only the pests the spiders feed off of from entering your home, but also the spiders themselves.  With EnviroTech’s exclusive All-Natural pest control treatments, we can keep your home pest free while still maintaining a safe environment for your family and your guests.  For more information on setting up your pest control program that specifically fits your needs, call the pest control specialists at EnviroTech today at 855-GET-ENVIRO.