Rodents Don’t Like Cold Weather Either

pest removalNow that summer is on the way out and winter is fast approaching, it is once again time to fortify your home against the coming invasion of mice, rodents, and bats. Every spring and summer our homes take a beating from rain, wind, and intense heat. These natural elements eventually cause new passage ways into our homes that the nuisance wildlife can use to get in. The best defense is a best offense, and this transfers to our home care as well. Depreciation of our homes is a never ending cycle, but if we perform regular checks and maintenance services on our homes, then we can help to eliminate many of the current openings from getting worse.

Annual Inspection: To find out if your home has any structural openings that need to be addressed before the winter freezing comes, you simply have to take a walk around your house. While walking, inspect your foundation where it meets the siding. Many rodent issues occur in this area because it is easy for mice and rats to chew through the insulation behind your siding at this point due to its’ exposure. Run your fingers along this last row of siding to feel for any invisible gaps.

Sealing: Once the areas of concern have been noted, the gaps need to be sealed. If there are any signs of current activity (i.e. droppings, sawdust, bite/claw marks), then a nuisance wildlife exclusion may need to be performed at the opening. To tackle current issues, call a pest control specialist to discuss your options of safe wildlife removal. If there doesn’t appear to be any current pest issues at any of those locations then it is time to seal the openings. Using expandable foam and wire mesh is a proven way to eliminate the chance that pests can get into the home. The wire mesh creates a barrier that the animals cannot chew through, and the expandable foam not only seals off any other gaps the animals could use, but also eliminates insulation and moisture issues in those areas.

rochester nyPrevention: Water is not your friend. Well, not in the case of rodent proofing anyways. If water gets into the cracks or gaps in your home, it could freeze over the course of winter and expand the openings even further. Check your gutters and downspouts to make sure that they are clear to drain water over the course of the cold season. Also make sure that your downspouts extend far enough away from the foundation to not let encroaching water accumulate around the foundation of your home.

Taking these simple steps to prepare your home can make all the difference in keeping rodents out, but in many cases it can prove to be a decent amount of work. A good inspection is also a necessity to make sure bats, birds, and other flying creatures can’t enter the home. For help inspecting or sealing your home, call a specialist at EnviroTech to discuss how you can set up a home inspection and consultation with of our trained inspectors: 1-800-GET-ENVIRO.