Radon Mitigation System – The Choices

radon systemBecause there is a lot of risk of having radon gas present in buildings in the US, it has become a cause for concern for many homeowners and others who own buildings in the US.  Especially as the risks associated with inhaling the gas are growing, including the fact that this gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking. The need to select a proper solution with regard to radon mitigation systems is indeed high, especially if you are building a new home or your current home is located in a high risk area.

In fact, in some areas such as Albany, NY, before purchasing a property, it is necessary to have a specific test performed to ensure that the building is free from radon gas.  If it is found that you do have a radon problem in your home, you have a number of choices in regard to choosing proper radon mitigations systems.  Your choices include having venting pipes to the exterior of the building installed.  These help to expel the gas from the building.  This form of radon mitigation system is known as Passive Mitigation System.

However, when this radon mitigation system proves ineffective and there is still noticeable gas in the home, then you need to choose another option which is an Active Radon Mitigation System.  This type of system requires installation of a fan that runs through the building and which will create low pressure under the slabs and thus increases the rate at which Radon gas is evacuated.

In this form of radon mitigation, it is important to place the fan in a place such as an attic, which is especially necessary if the foundation of the building is slab-on-grade type or even crawl-space.

Radon gases can be scary things because they are invisible to the naked eye.  If you are suddenly experience new health problems or are moving homes, make sure you have a radon test performed, you can never be to careful.