Polar Vortex Ticking Time Bomb for Frozen Pipes

water damage rochester ny

As the rapid temperature changes sweep across the Northeast, the deep freeze is causing uninsulated or protected pipes to freeze and crack, as they unfreeze and swell the havoc begins on your home or business.

Area residents and business owners in Rochester, NY are waking up to flood damage and water damage and find themselves in need of emergency services.  Water restoration and flood response companies like EnviroTech can stop the damages from continuing with immediate response.

Being proactive is your best approach, but often times left un-inspected and exposed, pipes will freeze and cause damage to personal property and structural building materials.  Immediate, rapid drying is the only way salvage and limit damages made to your home or business.  Certified water restoration companies like EnviroTech will work directly with your insurance company and create a rapid drying environment to extract bulk water, dry the structure and eliminate secondary damages such as mold.

Cold weather is all too familiar in Rochester, NY, but the extreme freeze from the polar vortex is beyond building envelopes anticipated temperatures to withstand.  EnviroTech might be cold when we arrive, but we will be there in your time of need to fight the water removal process and save your home or business.