Pest Insurance

Rochester NYWhen running a company or business it is important to make sure that your employees are safe at all times. Having pests take over your building can pose a serious health concern to the people working inside. Pests come in many different shapes and sizes and can cause immediate harm from things like bee stings or other long term effects such as disease spread throughout the building by cockroaches or mice. Having a pest control company perform monthly scheduled maintenance of the property including pest inspections and if needed pest removal can keep pests from overrunning your business.

Pest control” is exactly what it states: the control of pests. Even if your business is not currently under attack from a nuisance pest, a pest control company like EnviroTech can ensure that it continues to stay that way even if they do come. Preventative treatments of the building’s exterior will keep bees and wasps from nesting in the light fixtures, under entry-way awnings and air vents. The prevention treatments will also keep a barrier of protection up to prevent ants from entering your office. When these pests attempt to enter into the structure they will have to cross the liquid barrier, ensuring their demise before they have a chance to make it into break rooms and offices where employees are working.

Offices are not the only structures open for attack from pests. Garages and warehouses pose the perfect opportunity for mice and rodents to come in and nest over the colder months of winter. With any garage door or loading dock comes the risk of open entry points for rodents to use. When busy at work, it proves impossible for employees to monitor the doors all the time while the business is operating. Under our philosophy of protection, EnviroTech controls these pests by installing bait stations just within the doors, many times on the exterior of the building as well. The bait is placed inside hard, lockable boxes to ensure the safety of the employees while leaving a tempting treat for the rodents in case they enter.Rochester NY

You may think a pest control issue needs to only be addressed when it arises, but in fact if the building is treated and secured prior to the pests entering, then the process becomes much quicker and effective. Having a pest control company like EnviroTech service your business is a lot like having pest insurance too. EnviroTech is not like other pest exterminators because we focus on the preventative measures and offer the most inclusive and effective pest control packages in the industry. EnviroTech offers its’ customers free re-treats and continuous guarantees throughout their services. Call your EnviroTech representative today to learn more about our pest control “insurance” programs and how they can keep your business and employees safe.