Ozone Air Purifiers: The Wrong Investment for Mold Removal


Residents of Cleveland and Columbus Ohio are no strangers to mold and mildew in their homes.  When 75% of foundations end up having a water issue at some point in their life, the question changes from “if” mold is going to grow in the home to “when” mold is going to grow and what should be done about it when it does? Many companies in the cities of Cleveland and Columbus claim that the solution to a person’s mold issue is an Ozone Generator. What many customers do not realize however is that using an Ozone Generator in their home will create a much more harmful environment for them than the mold ever would.

Ozone (O3) a man made molecule that consists of three atoms of oxygen.  Two atoms of oxygen (O2) make the basic oxygen molecule that we constantly breathe to stay alive, but breathing in Ozone can be very harmful to our bodies as it is a toxic gas with chemical properties greatly different from oxygen. ozone-molecule-indoor-air-quality When Ozone is introduced to an environment, the third atom of oxygen detaches from the other two and attaches itself to organic materials in the surrounding air, altering their chemical compositions.  The danger with using Ozone is that this same transfer of atoms and chemical alteration can happen within the human body if Ozone is inhaled.  Even inhaling low amounts of Ozone can cause us to experience chest pains, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation.  People who suffer from asthma and other respiratory difficulties will experience even worse reactions when breathing in Ozone molecules.

Many of these mold companies in the Cleveland and Columbus areas using Ozone Generators in customers’ homes fail to mention the dangers associated with Ozone when pitching their services.  They would like their customers to believe that mold, mildew, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other biological materials and odors can be eliminated by pumping Ozone into their home, but this simply isn’t true.  Ozone does not remove mold spores, pollen, or other particles that cause allergies.  No federal agency has approved these Ozone devices for use in occupied spaces and in fact many of these agencies have put effort into making the public aware of the dangers of the Ozone.  Even if Ozone has the ability to adhere to certain chemicals and mold spores in the air, the chemical change can turn those chemicals into even more dangerous by-products.


So know that we know that Ozone is harmful to our bodies and our environments how do get rid of mold? The most effective way to eliminate mold growth and mold spores in the air is to eliminate the source.  EnviroTech’s highly trained inspectors use measuring tools such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, humidistats, and over 20 years of experience and knowledge to find the sources of mold and moisture within your home.  We then apply EPA approved disinfectants and encapsulates directly to the source, eliminating the need for dangerous air treatments like Ozone generation.  EnviroTech also offers their Cleveland and Columbus customers solutions for ventilation, from gable vents in the attic to dehumidifiers in basements and crawlspaces.  Once proper ventilation has been installed and the source of mold and other harmful biological materials has been treated, EnviroTech addresses the air quality in the home to make sure that dusts, mites, and spores are kept out of your home and lungs.  By offering clean air solutions with air purifiers, air duct cleaning, and all-natural Tea Tree oils, EnviroTech ensures that their customer’s family will be safe from harmful air-born particles for years to come.