Before making an offer on a home, most people hire an inspector to check it out. Some inspectors will perform cursory checks for basic environmental concerns, but most don’t. The smart house hunter will also engage an environmental and pest specialist to perform an additional inspection, looking for some very specific hazards: PESTS:  Most pest inspections focus on wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites, but rodents can be just as damaging. Rodent waste […]

Black House Rat

Due to the spread of towns, cities and businesses, the original habitat of common mice has been encroached upon. The intrusion on rolling hills where mice once lived (well, technically they still do, but there are less rolling hills) has created the opportunity for them to find a new home within man-made dwellings. Some say that mice have now become dependent on humans for their sustenance. Flourishing cities, once established, has cause mice to migrate […]


Every homeowner deals with pests in their household at some point. Some are easier to get rid of than others. A few of the more troubling pests include: Ants Ants can be a plague in many homes. Whether it is a few ants or a large nest, the problem usually is hard to measure on the surface. Some home remedies such as finding the nest and pouring boiling water onto it may be satisfying, but […]


Why is Controlling Rats Important? Rats have a stigma about them for being one of the deadliest pests and for good reason! Rats are hosts to bacteria that cause deadly diseases, such as leptospirosis, typhus fever, rat-bite fever, and dozens more. They transmit disease through hair, droppings and urine. If food or water get contaminated, it could result in food poisoning. Eliminating these pests from your home or business needs to be a main concern. […]

Mice in Insulation

Ever wonder what is lurking in your home? Or what that scratching is in your walls or ceiling? It may be what you least expect. During colder months, rodents try to find their ways into homes seeking out food and shelter. Rodents, especially mice, can fit through very tiny openings because of their soft cartilages. Once they move in, they have full access to move throughout your home using wall cavities, attics, crawl spaces, etc. […]


It is that wonderful time of year. The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are no longer oppressively hot, (I for one love the cold weather), and pumpkin everything! This is also one of the best seasons for craft beers. However, it is also that time when people turn their furnaces on for the first time in months, and those of us with forced air furnaces know the smell all too well. Dust, dirt, and […]


These days everyone seem to be paying more attention to their health; so why not take the same care in maintaining a healthy living space? There are a lot of different health concerns in the home. Some are easy to deal with, others are not. One of the more substantial health hazards in the home is the potential presence of mold. Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that is usually found lurking in dark, damp […]

Ceiling Mold

Home mold presents serious health hazards to you and your family. Fortunately, it is not hard to prevent mold once you know what mold is, how to identify it, and what techniques you can utilize to prevent it. What is Mold? Mold is a type of fungus that grows from spores. It is essential for the breakdown of dead plant and animal matter. The spores are usually inactive, but they become active if humidity levels […]


How does mold enter a home? Molds usually enter homes when spores float through open doorways, ventilation, windows, or heating and air conditioning systems that have outdoor air intakes. Additionally, mold spores can also attach themselves to humans, animals, shoes, clothing, bags and other objects. How does mold grow? When spores reach a place of moisture, especially those places where there is excessive moisture, they will begin to grow. The most common places where molds […]


Honeybees have a very strict set of rules when it comes to finding the ideal location for a nest. In fact, they’re more particular than many people I know! They also have a meticulous process for their house-hunting endeavors. House-Hunting Honeybees When a swarm of honeybees is ready to relocate, they send out a small number of house hunters to scout new nesting sites. These house-hunting honeybees are very thorough, spending approximately 40 minutes exploring […]