May Flowers Bring Ant Showers

Mrs. Ewing loved when her flowers bloomed in May but little did she know that her April showers and May flowers were about to take a turn for the worse.  Mrs. Ewing loves growing flowers and brings her blooms to shows and local markets across Syracuse, NY where she shares her love of plants with her city.  To help her garden stay free of weeds, she adds mulch to her beds every year in April.  Having had little success with the substitute mulch brands on the market, she soon started getting her covering from a local farmer that used real wood for processing.  Mrs. Ewing never had a problem with this natural mulch and continued to use it throughout the years.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Mrs. Ewing started seeing carpenter ants crawling around her gardens and coming in and out of her mulch beds, and she thought nothing of it until something terrible happened to her this winter.

Because Mrs. Ewing was using natural wood for her mulch, she was giving carpenter ants the perfect opportunity to come and nest in her garden.  Carpenter ants usually prefer larger structures like tree trunks to make their homes, but if there is enough mulch available to them and limited options, they will start nesting in flower beds and the soil underneath them.  Mrs. Ewing realized too late that this is exactly what the carpenter ants were in the process of doing when she saw them crawling around her garden.

pest control syracuse nyA couple years went by and Mrs. Ewing was none the wiser until she started seeing a few ants upstairs in her master bathroom during the winter months.  Immediately she called EnviroTech and spoke with one of the professional pest exterminators in the office.  The specialist explained to her that when carpenter ants are seen during the winter months when the ground is frozen, it is a sure sign that they are nesting somewhere inside the home where they can stay warm.  Since carpenter ants cannot move in the cold, they could not be coming in from outside and are therefore nesting inside.  The specialist went on to explain how EnviroTech performs quarterly (meaning every 3 months) pest control visits at the home to keep the population of ants down and protect the home against further invasions.  To eliminate the nest the specialist said, injections would need to be made in the walls so the technician could get material right inside the nest.  Mrs. Ewing was not thrilled about this idea.  She had just fixed a leak in her shower and done some remodeling in the bathroom, poking holes into her new walls was the last thing she wanted to hear.  She thanked the specialist and got off the phone without signing up for the service.

The ant activity inside Mrs. Ewing’s home continued to get worse as the winter went on but she continued to kill one ant here and one ant there, convincing herself that the ants would simply go away over time.  During a particularly bad week with ant activity in the bathroom, Mrs. Ewing was taking a shower when she heard a loud snapping sound come up from the floor.  She quickly stepped out of the shower and looked down to see hundreds of ants pouring out her shower floor!  Within an hour, half of her bathroom floor had started falling down to the level below and ants were continuing to pour out into her home.  Mrs. Ewing flew out the front door and called EnviroTech back.  Within one hour a pest exterminator was in her bathroom beginning treatment for the nest in what was left of her master bath.  After everything was said and done, Mrs. Ewing had to spend over $8,000 to restore her bathroom again and EnviroTech now services a half dozen homes on her street for carpenter ant prevention.

If you have been seeing large black ants around your garden or home, don’t make the same mistake that Mrs. Ewing did by putting off calling EnviroTech for an inspection or treatment.  We can only help you avoid disaster if you let us, so please call today at 1-800-GET-ENVIRO to speak with a pest specialist and listen to what they have to say – it just may save your shower one day!