Lead Paint: Testing for a Childhood Killer

Lead Paint: Testing for a Childhood Killer

Safe, Effective Lead Paint Testing and Removal

The removal of lead-based paint is dangerous and if not done properly can create even greater risks. EnviroTech is your lead-based paint removal specialist from Rochester, NY since 1991.

Our professional technicians will reduce or eliminate lead paint hazards with a range of effective programs; including lead paint removal, replacement of components, encapsulation, or repainting. Call us today to find out if lead-based paint is a danger in your home.

Contact EnviroTech today to schedule your fast response lead paint inspection.

“I’m very pleased with EnviroTech. The tech did the first treatment on the spot. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant throughout the entire visit. I would recommend them to anyone!”

– D.G. Rochester NY

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EnviroTech Lead Paint Removal, founded in Rochester, NY in 1991.