Interior Radon Gas Accumulates in Syracuse NY – No End In Site

Radon MitigationSyracuse NY – Radon gases being trapped inside homes is not a new problem by any means, but new awareness programs and efforts made by local governments and organizations are bringing this issue to light.  Radon gasses have been set off by the decay of radium-226 which is found in uranium ores, phosphate rocks, shale, granite, limestone, and other metamorphic and igneous rocks. These gases have been set off by this decay since the earth was originally formed.  The problem with these gasses is not only are they are colorless, odorless, and tasteless; they are radioactive. Although the radioactive properties of this gas were first discovered in 1900, standards for radon mitigation were not implemented until 1971, and wide spread public awareness efforts were not started until 1984.  In fact, the dangers of interior radon first became news when an employee of a nuclear power plant was tested by doctors and found to have been exposed to high levels of radiation.  The natural conclusion would be that it had come from his work environment, but when they tested the air in his home, they found that he had extremely high levels of radon within his own home! Testing your home for radon gas levels can save you and your family from unnecessary exposure to harmful radiation and expensive medical bills.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, second only to smoking. Talk to an EnviroTech Radon Specialist today to schedule a radon test and learn more about how you can prevent harmful radiation within your own home.

Outside the home, radon gases simply dissipate into the atmosphere without causing any harm to those around them.  Inside homes however, the gasses are trapped and do not have a chance to dissipate, leaving the gasses to accumulate inside the structure.  When these gases accumulate, they can reach dangerous levels for the occupants within.  For tens of thousands of homes across the county, having a mitigation system installed in the home can be the only way to effectively filter out the gasses and keep the interior levels from reaching the danger zone.  The EPA highly recommends keeping the radon levels in a structure below 4.0pCi/L, so here at EnviroTech we guarantee that all of our mitigation systems will bring that level below the recommended 4.0.Radon in the Home

Although radon gasses are continuously being expelled from the earth, they are not expelled at the same rate all the time.  One day’s peak could be 4.0 and the next day’s could be 20.0.  Because of this change in expulsion levels, it is important to track the radon levels in your home on a continuous basis even if a mitigation system is already in place.

This is especially true in Onondaga County and the surrounding areas where radon levels have been reported at some of the highest in the country.  It seems a no brainer to spend the money and time to install a mitigation system in your home if you live in the Syracuse area and do not already have one.  There are more homes that are affected by radon then there are home that are not meaning, “Better Safe Then Sorry”.

At Enviro-Tech we offer customers a way to keep track of their levels by providing them an option to include an electronic radon alarm with their mitigation system.  If the radon level within the home ever reaches 4.1 pCi/L or higher, the alarm goes off to alert you of the high reading.  Talk to your EnviroTech Specialist about having a radon alarm installed with your mitigation system to keep your family well informed and safe from harmful exposure to radon’s radioactive gases.