Hurricane Category 3 Water and Its Effect on Your Family

Dorothy Grimm of Rockaway Beach, NY and her 3 daughters sat huddled in dismay on the front porch of their family home one day after Hurricane Sandy devastated the New York region. They found themselves with no power, gas, or heat; their cars ruined by the category 3 floodwaters; and their schools and businesses closed with winter fast approaching. The Grimm family had just begun to face the many obstacles that arise from the ashes of a natural disaster: the structural, health, and financial aspects now affecting millions of New Yorkers.

Structural Effects
Massive damage can occur following a devastating flood. Many of the physical effects can damage homes, automobiles, buildings, sewer systems, and countless other infrastructures can be destroyed by nature’s water pressure. While many buildings and homes might dry out to the point of being habitable again, the moisture remaining within walls, flooring and roofing may cause major mold problem that will eventually wear the home away and create health problems. As a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association, EnviroTech implements the latest and safest structural drying, disinfecting, and mold remediation procedures. Using top of the line microecrobial encapsulates from Fiberlock allows EnviroTech to extend a 10 year guarantee on all encapsulated surfaces, ensuring our customers peace of mind that mold will not return in the future.

Health Effects
Hurricane category 3 floods pose great risk for everyone affected by the floods, including injuries, sickness and even death. High flooding often claims the lives of people and animals caught in the flooded areas. These conditions make it very difficult for flood victims to receive the proper medical care, food distribution, medications, and clean drinking water. One major effect of flood damage is the lingering risks of contaminated water, toxic molds, weakened structures and infectious diseases that can prove harmful over the days, weeks, and even months after the hurricane waters have subsided. Floodwaters can be contaminated by a wide array of pathogens and toxins like chemicals from cars, machinery, gas stations, dry cleaners, toxic waste dumps and oil distributors, pesticides, solvents and other household products stored in flooded basements. Even garages may find their way into the mix. EnviroTech offers our customers water removal from homes with pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers, all powered by our mobile generators. Even if the electricity is off in the home, EnviroTech can have your home dry in just a matter of days, limiting or even eliminating the potential of mold growth.

Financial Effects
Affected businesses are usually shut down for a long period of time after a storm. Employees and business owners alike suffer from a loss of income due to the prolonged power outages and product shortages. Since these employees and businesses fund their operations and lives with the income they receive from their jobs and businesses, it can prove extremely difficult for them to financially support the work needed to get their lives back in order. Insurance policies can be of great assistance during this time of financial struggle, but unless additional coverage has been added to the policy, home owners insurance will not cover the repairs and mold disinfecting necessary. Finding the funds to perform the necessary cleanup work can prove difficult when millions of others around you are doing the same. EnviroTech offers numerous financing options and discounts to help relieve our customers from their financial burden during emergencies. At EnviroTech we believe that money should not come between you and your family’s health.

Soon after calling EnviroTech, the Grimm family’s home had been gutted, dried, and disinfected to remove the hazardous mold already growing inside. By assisting them with financing and mobilizing a crew to their home within hours, the Grimm family was able to get back into their home quicker than they ever thought possible. Just like the Grimm family, EnviroTech has been able to help hundreds of families get back into their homes quickly after natural disasters, giving them more time and energy to start rebuilding their lives. Natural disasters can be devastating events, but with EnviroTech there to help, you do not need to tackle it all by yourself. If you, your friends or your family have a need for EnviroTech’s emergency services, please call us at 1-800-724-2102 and ask to speak with one of our emergency response specialists.