How To Conduct A Pest Inspection

rochester nyPest inspections are the first crucial step to knowing that your home is infested with undesirable pests, rodents or insects. You can conduct a pest inspection yourself or you can call in an expert to do the same for you. Since you cannot be entirely sure that your home is infested, it is better to conduct pest inspection yourself. This will save you some money should an exterminator or professional come in and pay a visit to find nothing.  We maybe in the pest control business in Syracuse, NY; however, we value our customer’s times and money and want to provide solutions that are best for them.

There are various ways to carry out a pest inspection. There are also specific pest inspection methods for particular types of pests, rodents or insects but you should check thoroughly whenever you can so you do not miss out on the probability of any type of infestation.

Here are a few steps you should take to conduct pest inspection in your home.

Woodwork is the first casualty of most types of pest infestation. You should check all the wooden furniture you have. There are many items at a home that are not entirely made of wood but may have wooden arms, handles or some parts that could be made of wood. You should check such items as well. What you are looking for are any spots, tiny holes, scratches, signs of the wood being chewed on or any kind of mark or dirt that is unexplained. If you see any visible or apparent damage to any of your wooden fixtures then you should be more cautious with other steps of the pest inspection as the likelihood of infestation is greater.

Pests will typically invade your home from the outside unless they already had an old nest where a colony had been breeding in the past. Thus you should check your outdoor areas. Check the fences, the yards and the lawns. If you find any area of your lawn where there is an apparent burrow or dead grass, if some parts of your fence are showing signs of damage or have holes and marks then you can be certain of pest infestation. Some pests or rodents do not always take refuge in your home but come in for food and water and go out the same way. Such pests would have an active entry and exit route for regular use. Such routes may be in the walls, any cracks on the walls or in the foundation, doorways, and basement windows or any place where there may be an opening, which is within easy reach of the rodents or pests.

Look for droppings, dirt or mud anywhere in the interior of your home that doesn’t have an apparent source, dirt or mud on walls, appliances and ceilings and dead insects or parts of insects’ bodies or debris from shredding.

Pest infestations are never fun but they can be stopped before they get to big, you just need to know what to look for.