Dive Bomb on Buffalo

As Chuck Hadley stood at the tee box in Buffalo NY, he was focusing on a nice long first drive of the season.   He had been waiting all winter for this day.  He stood tall and SMACK the ball went flying. As watched the ball soar toward the green, he had that excited feeling in the pit of his stomach, this could be the one.  Unfortunately, at the last second it took a turn and went into the sand trap. Chuck took a deep sigh, climbed into his cart and drove towards the sand trap not knowing what he was about to encounter.

Buffalo, NY

  He approached the sand box and noticed little holes throughout the ground.  Without thinking much of it, he walked up to his ball and positioned himself to make his next shot.  But out of nowhere, he had several different insects flying around and dive bombing on him. Not knowing what he was dealing with, he started to run away, swatting at his attacker as he went. Little did he know, these were killer Cicada bees.  He had never encountered anything like this before, but Chuck did not want to take any chances and got out of the area as fast as possible.

  Killer Cicadas like to nest in sandy areas but are known to like gardens, patios, golf courses, play grounds and many other areas that are suitable for their nesting needs. The females spend their time digging and provisioning burrows with food and preparing for their young. They hunt cicada-prey and keep them in their nest for the young to feed off of.  The nest is normally about an inch and a half in diameter and can house multiple bees. They can grow up to be one to two inches in size but can often be much larger.

  They are generally docile; however, they will sting and can be extremely aggressive at times. Having a two inch insect come at you, stinger or no stinger, who would want to deal with that? We at EnviroTech have trained our pest exterminators to handle all areas of pest control services. Contact us today for a free inspection to suit all of your needs.

Buffalo, NY