Clearing the Air on Cleveland’s Pollution Problem

air pollution Cleveland ohSummer has arrived in Cleveland, OH and along with the chirping birds and bright sunny days comes the hazy cover of smog that residents have come to be familiar with in the sprawling metropolis.  Cleveland has long suffered under high levels of air pollution from vehicle and factory omissions.  While over 1/3 of all Ohio counties have received failing grades on their air quality in the National Lung Association’s annual report, Cleveland and the rest of Cuyahoga County has been at the top of the charts for year round particle pollution.  The city has been slowly falling down that list over the years (from 12th in 2011 to 20th in 2013) but the need for action is still very much prevalent to Cleveland’s residents.

As the residents of Cleveland continue to breathe in the particle pollutants of their air they are dramatically increasing their risk for lung cancer, asthma attacks, heart disease and other acute and long-term respiratory issues.  The most susceptible residents to the health risks associated with particle pollutants are infants, the elderly, people with current respiratory issues such as asthma and COPD, people with heart disease and diabetes, and those who live/work in industrial areas.  The Lung Associations attempts at awareness on the pollution issue are not just for the benefit of future generations either.  High particle pollution counts can actually lead to deaths from overexposure on that same day, proving that pollution is not only a future risk but a risk every day.  These deaths are not only coming sooner to those already expecting their end, but also to those that would normally live normal lives for years to come.  As we continue in the age of commercialized industrialization and transportation, we are continuously increasing the health risks for ourselves and our neighbors.  Knowing that the particle pollution is an issue is only the first step; residents in high pollution areas like Cleveland and in counties across the nation need to be aware of how they can lower the contaminants inside their homes and better their indoor air quality; in order to keep themselves and their families safe.

The average American spends roughly 75% of their day inside; whether in their workplace, in their home, or both.  This is actually beneficial in the fight for clean air.  While inside a structure, the air quality can be controlled by filtering out the harmful particles before our lungs breathe them in.  As the leader in air purification systems, IQAir has designed a number of filtration systems that can be installed inside your home or workplace to make the IQAir filtration systems designed to remove particles as small as 0.003µm in diameter and can take out almost 98% of all pollutants found in the air before our lungs breathe them in.  To put IQAir’s level of filtration into perspective, mold spores are apprx. 10µm in diameter and four of those spores can fit inside a single human hair.  Combustion particles are 2.5µm in diameter and four of these particles can fit inside one mold spore.  With a series of HEPA filters removing particles down to 0.003µm, you can imagine how much a of a difference one IQAir purification system can do for your home’s air quality and the safety of your family.

For more information on the various stand-alone and structurally implemented filtration systems offered by IQAir, having a proper air duct cleaning performed in your home or office or for information on our air quality testing, please call us at EnviroTech today:   1-800-GET- ENVIRO.  Our in house specialists will walk you through the filtration process and explain how you can do your part in keeping yourself and your family safe from the dangerous pollution levels in our country today.