Binghamton’s Continued Struggle With Mold

Binghamton NY  – The residents that live along the Susquehanna have a love hate relationship with the waterway that has brought so much to their history and lives.  The history of the Susquehanna waterway is as much part of the community as the recreation this river provides for those lucky enough enjoy.  But the downside of the heart of the Southern Tier is that this angry waterway has wreaked havoc on the people and communities that live alongside this treasured resource.

The real devastation came when Hurricane Irene came barreling through in the fall of 2011.  EnviroTech had to send 80% of our staff to Binghamton for flood and water restoration.  It’s hard to describe the chaos that this type of disaster can cause to an area. We had staff working 20 hour days and our office control center was sending recreational vehicles down because all of the hotels were underwater.  Most of the area was out of power for days and our staff was coordinating security for our job site due to looting.  It’s as close to a war zone as it gets.

It seemed that by the New Year the water had receded and most of the area had recovered.  That’s when the hidden nightmare began.  Mold began to grow in basements, attics, everywhere.  The properties that had not been structurally dried properly were seeing mold growth starting in the spring when the weather began to warm.  These homes were like incubators and the high potential for moisture related mold growth is continuing to wreak havoc throughout the Southern Tier.  It can take long periods of time for mold to show its face.  Hidden in water soaked insulation or behind foundation block mold will eventually expose itself and the homeowners to the health risk associated with its presence.

There are five tips for homeowners that believe they may have a mold issue prior to the scheduled inspection and remediation with EnviroTech:

  • Get as much outside air flowing into the home as possible.
  • Purchase a professional Air Purification system to transfer air inside of the structure.
  • Keep moisture content within the air as lower as possible.
  • Stay out of areas that are believed to have high mold content and “Do Not Scrub It Yourself.”  Health related affects come from exposure which increases when cleaning or scrubbing by sending spores into the air.  These spores will then attach themselves to other building materials and spread the growth. 
  • Stay as fit and healthy as possible.  Our body’s immune system will fight aspergillus, penicillin or other health hazard mold effects more persistently when we are healthy.
  • If you are concerned about your home being exposed to mold you don’t need 9 feet of standing water like the communities along the Susquehanna to get an inspection.  Just give us a ring and we’ll help you line up a plan to ensure your home is healthy and safe for the coming years.  Like many homeowners in Binghamton and surrounding counties will find out in the next few years, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.