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What is Radon?

Radon testing for the silent killer in your home Radon is a radioactive gas that typically moves up through the topsoil to the air above, seeping into your home through cracks and other holes in your foundation. Radon comes from the natural decay of uranium found in nearly all soils. Your home traps radon gas inside, where it slowly builds up over time. Any home can have a problem with radon – old and new, even if you don’t have a basement.


Potential Health Risks of Radon

You can’t see, smell or taste radon, but it could be a problem in your home. Radon usually dissipates out of the ground and is harmless in the open air. But radon can become trapped in homes and accumulate to high levels. Recent studies have found evidence that links lung cancer to radon. In fact, radon is estimated to cause thousands of deaths every year. You can get lung cancer when you breathe air containing radon. In fact, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, followed by cigarette smoking. So if you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.

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