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Professional Radon Mitigation in Binghamton NY Since 1991

Radon Mitigation in binghamton ny

Detecting and Preventing Radon

Radon can come into a home through openings in floors and basement walls or crawl spaces. Concentrations in a home can be lowered by sealing these entry points, depressurizing the sediment around the foundation of the home, and improving ventilation. An EnviroTech radon mitigation specialist will analyze and solve your radon problems through customized solutions and equipment installation as needed.

Air flow and sub-slab diagnostics allows our certified radon mitigation technician to probe deep within your walls in order to identify and analyze problems that may not be evident during an ordinary visual inspection.

EnviroTech’s inspection and sampling process is one of the most thorough and documented systems in the industry. From mold mitigation to pest identification and removal, our service professional will get to the root of the issue and create a safe environment for work or living.

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“Your technicians were so polite and considerate. It was a pleasure to have them working on radon mitigation in my house. They carefully explained what they would be doing, and when they finished, they explained what they had done. I would be happy to have them come again!”

– J.S. Binghamton NY

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If you currently have a radon system installed in your home, you may want to check it out to make certain it is installed properly. You will not be able to check everything associated with the system (ex. the suction point), but you can check the parts that are above the slab. I was at a house in Syracuse, NY for follow-up radon testing the other afternoon. He had a system already in place. However, […]

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