Attic Mold Is Common In Albany

Attic mold is common and affects up to one fifth of homes in the United States, we are seeing an increase in the discoveries of mold in Albany, NY homes recently.  Many people choose to ignore attic mold and this may not be the best approach to the problem. The fact is that attic mold could be having a negative impact on your health and the health of your family.

Your attic is a very common place to find mold because it offers the ideal conditions for its growth. Mold just loves dark and damp places so it leaves few to wonder why that it thrives in the attic. This area above the house tends to be neglected by most people and mold can grow unchecked for years. In some instances it can turn toxic and a trip to the attic can make you sick. If children get near it – it can make them much sicker than your adult body.

mold removal

Mold is a type of fungi that can grow on any dead organic material. In many instances they can exist undetected and it is only when they grow into colonies that people can see it. Attic mold can grow in conditions above four degrees Celsius and if the conditions are not right the spores can go into a dormant state only to come alive again once conditions improve. Mold is often all around us, and we don’t even notice it.

The real danger with mold is that it could be the cause of sickness in a household without anyone realizing. Children might be constantly having flu-like symptoms caused by the mold and until they are either removed from the environment or the mold is removedthe symptoms will persist. Children are far more likely to come in contact with mold because of their active lifestyles. You or your children don’t even have to go in the attic for problems to arise because mold can easily become airborne and move down into your living space. If you don’t have proper ventilation at home then you could end up with serious health problems caused by this attic mold for everyone who lives in your house.