Asbestos Could Be Your Concern


asbestos abatement

The health concerns revolving around asbestos have grown exponentially over the past 10 years and will only continue to grow in the future with more research.  With this being the case it has become more increasingly difficult for homeowners who have asbestos to sell their home before an abatement procedure is completed to the satisfaction of the prospective buyer.  Depending on the amount and type of asbestos that is present in the home, this can quickly turn into large costs that the homeowner never saw coming.

I was at a house yesterday that had approximately 275 lineal feet of asbestos pipe wrap in the basement.  The current homeowner knows that in order to sell he will have to first deal with this situation.  There are two ways of approaching this, he can either encapsulate the pipe wrap or do a full removal.  At this time he is more interested in the encapsulation because it is the cheaper route to go at this point in time, but as I explained to him it is not always the smartest way.

As a homeowner if you are thinking of selling the home at some point and know you are going to have to rectify an asbestos situation around piping in the basement it is our recommendation at EnviroTech to always do a full removal.  It is indeed cheaper to do just an encapsulation but only at a rate of 5-10% depending on the size of the job, but the bigger picture is at stake here.  Even though you encapsulate at that point in time, if you go to sell the home the prospective buyer has every right to want the asbestos pipe wrap completely removed.  There is a chance with only encapsulation that down the road you will end up paying twice for an abatement procedure up front before ever being able to move out.  So when trying to decide whether to encapsulate or doing a complete removal, it is always our encouragement to do a full removal in order to get complete satisfaction for not only you at the time but also to save money for yourself with the possible sale of your home in the future.