An Elephant in the Room……..Keeping Unwanted Chemicals Out of Our Environment

fruit with pesticidesEnviroTech takes pride in the way it treats our environment.  Why wouldn’t?  After all we live in the community too!

As part of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticide Stewardship Program and advocate for natural pest control practices with integrated pest management (IPM), EnviroTech was one of the first to participate in this year’s New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) CleanSweepNY program.

The program reported an amazing collection of over 138,000 pounds of unwanted or obsolete pesticides and other chemicals.   Look at it this way, a large male elephant weighs approximately 12,000 pounds, that’s the equivalent of 11.5 elephants worth of unwanted chemicals we helped remove from our environment.  Talk about an elephant in the room, how can you ignore this feat to help protect our environment?

EnviroTech’s pest removal philosophy is simple and focuses on natural pest control and the safe-handling of pesticides only when necessary to protect your home or business.  We are proud to live in the community we treat and can’t ignore that every little bit helps protect our environment.

Want it done right and safe for you, your family, your community and with your environment in mind?  Give us a call today, we are Naturally…..The Best!