Along With Drafts Come Some Furry Friends

Mice in InsulationEver wonder what is lurking in your home? Or what that scratching is in your walls or ceiling? It may be what you least expect.

During colder months, rodents try to find their ways into homes seeking out food and shelter. Rodents, especially mice, can fit through very tiny openings because of their soft cartilages. Once they move in, they have full access to move throughout your home using wall cavities, attics, crawl spaces, etc.

Rodents move in colonies and have the ability to expand quickly. Once they enter a home, they tend to nest in the insulation in your walls, ceilings and attic. It becomes the perfect birthing ground. Often times, their population can get out of control quite quickly.

Here at EnviroTech, we offer the complete solution to keep the little critters out of your home for good. We call it “rodent proofing” and you receive up a one-year guarantee. An inspector thoroughly inspects your foundation, floors, walls, soffits, and roof searching for and sealing off any entry point down to a ¼ of an inch. In extreme cases it may be necessary to sanitize locations of harboring rodents and can be included with the rodent proofing service.

Don’t let your home be over taken by rodents! Let the professionals do it, and remember along with drafts come some furry friends.