Why Choose EnviroTech?

Complete & Customized Solutions

EnviroTech has been protecting homes and families for over 20 years with a focus on safe, sound solutions. We offer a complete list of programs including our all-natural treatments that effectively address your health and safety concerns.

Customized Service

Following a complete inspection of each property, our technicians generate customized reports that focus on treatment for the specific areas of need. Our technology tools include Infra-Red camera systems, moisture mechanics, diagnostic tools, pressure differentials, and air flow analysis. These cutting-edge tools, combined with our all-natural treatments, ensure that you’re getting the safest, highest quality service available in the industry.

All Natural Solutions

After years of extensive research on a wide range of products and processes that require specialized training we have developed, and are proud to offer, a complete home treatment using exclusively all-natural materials. Whether it’s a sensitive individual, safety of knowing the product is naturally derieved, or simply wanting to protect our planet… all natural solutions make EnviroTech Naturally… the Best!

Environmentally Friendly

Our service professionals are licensed and certified by national, federal, and state accreditations with full insurance coverage and bonding for your protection. Advanced training combined with technology such as Infra-Red technology camera systems, moisture mechanics, diagnostic tools, pressure differentials, and air flow analysis have raised the industry bar. We have the largest, most reliable staff in the area handling all aspects of environmental services and are ready to respond quickly to your service needs.

Restoration Options

Beyond environmental compliance, EnviroTech offers restoration contractor services. A certified EnviroTech specialist will take you through every step of our process in a systematic, professional manner. We take all facets of your situation into consideration to develop a plan that fits your budget, lifestyle and needs. We will assist you in choosing the proper products to suit the certain style, expected lifespan of the project and quality you desire for all your construction projects.

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“The EnviroTech representative was very friendly and professional. He stayed after exterminating the bees in our home long enough to be sure they were dead, and he explained the process along the way. We would definitely recommend EnviroTech Services!”

– D.C. Lima NY

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