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EnviroTech is the #1 Mold Remediation Specialist in the northeastern United States. EnviroTech’s inspection and sampling process is one of the best systems in the industry. Unlike other companies, we won’t just dry out your walls. We use Infra-Red (or Thermal Imaging), moisture mechanics, diagnostic tools, pressure differentials, and air flow analysis to quickly and accurately uncover the cause of your mold issues. Thermography allows our certified technician to see deep within your walls to analyze and identify potential problems that may not be evident during the first visual inspection. Your certified mold remediator will get to the root cause of the issue, follow a customized plan to resolve it, and create a safe working and living environment for you. We also offer complete restoration contracting services.

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“I want to tell you how pleased I have been during the mold removal work that was wrapped up today. Your team carefully and professionally undertook the project in our home in a timely and thorough manner that speaks volumes about your leadership. We have been very pleased with the manner in which our needs have been discovered and treated since retaining your firm!”

– G.F. Albany NY

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These days everyone seem to be paying more attention to their health; so why not take the same care in maintaining a healthy living space? There are a lot of different health concerns in the home. Some are easy to deal with, others are not. One of the more substantial health hazards in the home is the potential presence of mold. Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that is usually found lurking in dark, damp […]

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