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About EnviroTech
EnviroTech understands your situation and our team members are ready to help you and your family. No job is too large or too small — and our team members strive to give you a clean, healthy, and safe home.

EnviroTech team members provide accountability, advanced technology, and skilled techniques to help restore your property after a pest invasion, mold issue or HVAC air problem. We strive to achieve consistent customer satisfaction, superior mitigation results, and are available to service you 24 hours a day. Call us today at 1-800-724-2102.

EnviroTech provides access to a full range of services and capabilities when your environmental compliance needs to involve full demolition to custom finishes and everything in between. We undertake work on sites where facades are to be retained, adjacent structures are to be supported, and engineering designs implement detailed project specifications to obey. Whether it is industrial, commercial, or residential services we have over twenty years of specific experience and references of our satisfactory work. Let EnviroTech show you our specialized experience in full demolition, custom restoration, abatement, mitigation, remediation, and so much more.

“Rick Sheldon and his crew at Envirotech delivered a professional and competent asbestos abatement service. Envirotech’s crew completed work on this challenging project safely, within budget, and in accordance with the project schedule.”

– BO, Cranberry Twp, PA

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