A Mold Buffet in Columbus Ohio

Claire, a mother of two young children from the Columbus OH area was constantly taking her children to the doctors with a variety of ailments. Her children had been having many medical problems ranging from persistent cold symptoms to itchy red eyes. When these symptoms continued and worsened when the children were in their home, Claire began to worry about the safety of her home. As the home of a child should always be a safety zone for children, Claire was worried and grew very upset. Finally after one of her children was rushed to the doctor with severe upper respiratory problems, she called EnviroTech to have her home inspected for mold.

Claire was at her wits end, the health of her children was of the utmost importance to her. After speaking to an allergy specialist Claire was terrified that something in her home was making her children sick. As most parents would, she immediately started researching what could cause these symptoms. Claire learned that mold spores could be the reason her children were suffering. In her research, Claire found out some scary facts about mold. “Mold is a fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. No one knows how many species of the fungi exist but estimates range from tens of thousands to perhaps three hundred thousand or more. Mold grows best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, and can spread and reproduce by making spores. Mold spores can survive harsh environmental conditions, such as dry conditions, that do not support normal mold growth.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated, “Some people are extremely sensitive to mold. For these people, exposure to different mold can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to mold, may have more severe reactions. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.” Mold spores from the outdoors can enter the home and start to multiply on damp porous surfaces. This can be the result of a small leak in the pipes in the walls of the home. Quite often home owners are not aware of the potentially hazardous fungi lurking in the dark damp corners of their home. The wood studding and drywall that support your home combined with a small dripping pipe are a perfect buffet for mold. Before you are even aware of a problem, mold can spread to a large area of drywall and studding.  If the problem is caught, most people’s first reaction is usually to bleach the affected area and the problem will be solved. Unfortunately this is not the case, bleaching mold on porous surfaces may remove what can be seen by the naked eye but does not remove the Mycelia (roots) of mold. Chlorine bleach is corrosive and that fact is stated on the product label . Yet the properties of chlorine bleach prevent it from “soaking into” wood-based building materials to get at the deeply embedded Mycelia (roots) of mold. The object to killing mold is to kill its “roots”. Reputable mold remediation contractors use the appropriate products that effectively disinfect properly scrubbed and cleaned salvageable mold infected wood products.

Claire called EnviroTech and spoke to one of our specialists who calmed her panic and explained all possible solutions. After a very long discussion and learning more from our specialist then she did from trusty google.com. Claire agreed that she needed to have an air sampling done in her home, to not only know the areas affected but to have a printed breakdown of exactly what mold and at home spore count her children had been exposed to. This report can be taken to an allergy specialist to assist in the proper treatment of the symptoms. EnviroTech sent out an Inspector with four years’ experience to do a thorough inspection of the home and gather air samples to be sent to a third party laboratory.  In 5-7 business days , the air sample results showed the highest levels of mold were in the basement. Claire decided to go with EnviroTech for the mold remediation, as EnviroTech is the most knowledgeable and affordable company in the area.
Within two weeks we had a two man crew out to her home where they removed the affected drywall from the laundry room in the basement. They then disinfected the area using a wire brush to ensure the mycelia (roots) of the mold were killed. They finished by encapsulating the surface for spore lockdown and future prevention of mold growth. Post remediation air samples were taken after the work was performed. When the results came in we immediately sent them out to Claire.  She called the office to ensure she was reading the results correctly. After one of our specialists reviewed the pre and post samples with Claire, she was overjoyed and relieved that her home was now a safe environment for her children. She explained how she felt as though EnviroTech lifted a 50 pound right off her shoulders. The most reassuring part of the work provided to Claire was the ten year guarantee on the encapsulated surfaces.

Are you worried about the possibility of mold using your home as a buffet table? Contact EnviroTech for a free mold inspection of your home at 800-724-2102.