A Hole in the Wall

pest exterminator columbus ohAs my wife and I lay in bed the other night enjoying the cool summer night in Columbus, OH, we started to hear a scratching on the ceiling.  It was very faint at first but seemed to get louder as the night went on. Not thinking much of it we ignored it for a couples days until we started to notice the paint bubbling on the ceiling and what looked like a wet spot. Not knowing what was going on I did what any normal person would do – I felt it.  Sadly this was not the smartest move, like butter with a hot knife my hand went right through the drywall with what seemed like 200 or more bees came out at me.  I ran as fast as I could but could not avoid getting stung from head to toe.  I slammed the bathroom door and ran to the shower.  After assessing my wounds I determined I had gotten stung a total of 22 times, it was probably more; however, I was swollen before I could count the rest.  It was not the best way to find out that I was allergic to bees; I ended up spending the rest of the night in the emergency room with my wife.

pest control columbus ohBecause of my allergic reaction, we ended up having to call in professional exterminator to help out and come to find out there was a nest the size of a beach ball right above our bedroom.  It took the professionals 2 hours to fully take care of the area not including the follow-up time to repair the drywall above our bed.  After he was done we ended up talking, we discussed what happens if the bees get into the house and they form a nest that grows over time and the moisture from the nest softens the wall till it breaks through. He said there are many signs to watch out for, the noise of something chewing, the area looking like it is wet or discolored and of course bees in the house. This happens more than you would think causing damage and health risk to more people then you can count. Regular treatment on the house is the best option but if you ever see or hear any of these things don’t touch it and call a pest exterminator asap!!!  Not only did my wife and I end up paying for the repairs and the extermination but we also had a huge hospital bill to take care of thanks to our little friends.