2014 Super Bowl Commercials – One for Indoor Air Quality? Just One Minute….Imagine 119 Million Viewers!

the big gameThe hype is here this Sunday and it’s not just about the BIG game, it’s everything that surrounds it.  The countless appetizers, the hope your one and three hits in the first quarter square pool, the hope it’s a good game so you can stay awake until the end and when it all comes down to it the only quite time during the game happens when the four million dollar commercial spots play (which seem to be on every change of possession).

There is an estimated group of 119 million viewers that corporate advertisers fight over to show the world their creativity and push their products/services to are waiting to see if their advertisement make it in the Top 10 the next day. The world urns to focus on products and services that will gratify our every need, but why not focus on a campaign of what really matters……OUR HEALTH.   

Indoor air quality is in the top 10 of people’s concerns world-wide, imagine reaching 119 million viewers in one minute about indoor air pollutants such as: Radon, Mold, Asbestos and Lead-Paint.  Everyone agrees awareness is the key to action, without awareness nothing happens.  So why can’t the networks provide just one minute to promote awareness about our health?

At EnviroTech we believe awareness is a simple request to anyone or everyone that cares about their health or a loved one’s health.  Let’s do our job and make people aware of something that matters to us: Indoor Air Quality and our Health.  Who knows this might reach 1 viewer, better than zero!