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Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Mold, asbestos, radon, poor air quality, pests, and lead can create serious health issues. To get critical information on detecting and preventing these health problems,

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Is your home making you sick?


Do you need attic mold removed? How do you get attic mold? Do you feel like your allergies are acting up when you’re at home or you feel sick, achy, have headaches, depression, sore throats or maybe you have more asthma attacks when you are home then other places? These are signs that you might have a mold or mildew problem in your home, but where is it? Did you know that you can get [...]

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  One of the biggest causes of mold can be attributed to poor attic ventilation. This is because in most instances mold is caused by an imbalance between air coming into the attic and air going out. Mold seems to be a particular problem during the winter months due to differences in the temperature between the attic and the rest of the house. What happens is the warm air rises from below into the cold [...]

Is your home making you sick?

"I could not be happier with the mold remediation service I received from two of the neatest, most polite technicians I have ever seen. Your card says it all."

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- J.K. Rochester NY

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